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Project: Southern California Edison Online Billing/Paperless Initiative. 

SCE objective was to increase their online billing sign ups to save paper

waste. The imagery of a forest of paper tree was created for both an online

email campaign & a direct mail material. To further expand the idea and

concept we created a collection of 7ft tall paper tree to use for events,

POP and guerilla marketing.

Tidbit: After the program SCE had a 90th percentile

lift on their online  billing/paperless initiative.​

Project: The Eastern Region Hyundai Dealer group was the major sponsor of the Shocktober Fest Zombie Mud Run Event. This was a fully integrated campaign that consisted of POS materials, Carnival Games, Prizes, T-shirt Designs, 2 Custom Car Wraps and a Social Media component.

Tidbit: The Veloster Zombie Car Wrap was actually

purchased at the Zombie Mud Run Event.

Project: Battle Force 5 is Hot Wheels first TV show since 1971. This entertainment property was originally supposed to launch with a :30 spot. We pitched, sold,

and produced a :60 commercial that included a collection of viral video teasers.

After the launch Cartoon Network and every Hot Wheels commercials had a tag promoting the property.

Tidbit: After the launch additional technique driven viral

videos was uploaded to further push the battle force 5 brand.

Project: D-Rex was Mattel’s introduction to the world of robotics. The campaign was launched with an unprecedented 5-minute spot that followed with a behind the scene/making of video, social media, an partnership & over 30 YouTube viral videos further expanding the concept of the commercial.

Tidbit: The over all campaign resulted in a 100% sellout

of the high price item during a holiday recession.

Tidbit: Literally, Christmas day over 15 videos was uploaded on YouTube by kids & parents playing, pulling pranks and interacting with their newly opened D-Rex.

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