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COVID-19 caught the entire world off guard, and it changed the way we operate. But it couldn’t stop us from being creative, innovative and productive. While working remotely and through Zoom meetings, our creative team reached out to businesses that were facing difficult challenges. Whether it be identifying pain points and creating specialized messaging for their customers, a way to remind customers that they were open, or to communicate new curbside pickup instructions, we gave each business original content free of charge. All the creativity and designs were given away to help generate connection, momentum, conversations, and revenue to get us all through this difficult time.

Do you have a business or an idea you want to communicate to your customers? Get in touch with us.

"Aside from the time savings, there are a few huge intangibles, that CREATIVE AID brings to the table. They create fresh, eye-catching assets, and they have experience, using an arsenal of graphic tools, to create unique posts."

—  Kevin Lin, Surfin' Donuts Founder & Owner

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